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Himalayan Journal of Nursing and Midwifery (HJNM) contributes to the advancement of evidence-based nursing, midwifery and healthcare by disseminating high quality research and scholarship of contemporary relevance and with potential to advance knowledge for practice, education, management or policy. HJNM's intended readership includes practising nurses and midwives in all spheres and at all levels who are committed to advancing practice and professional development on the basis of new knowledge and evidence; managers and senior members of the nursing and midwifery professions; nurse educators and nursing students; and researchers in other disciplines with interest in common issues and inter-disciplinary collaboration. Papers published in HJNMS are increasingly cited in reviews of evidence and used by other healthcare professionals, policymakers, commissioners and users of services to inform their decision-making and practice.

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Adult Nursing, Advanced Practice Nursing, Clinical Nursing, Cognitive Informatics, Collaboration with physicians, Community Health Nursing, Confidentiality and Data Security, Critical and emergency care, Critical Care Nursing, Current information on clinical topics, Emergency Nursing, Family Nursing, Gerontological nursing, Health Care Delivery, Health Care Research, Home health nursing Community and Home care, Information Technology in Nursing, Innovations in Patient Care, Involvement with patients adherence to treatment regimen, Learning disability nursing, Management and organizational issues, Maternity and Women health Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, Midwifery nursing, Multi-Professional Practice, Neonatal nurse, Nephro- Urology Nursing, Neurosciences Nursing, Nurse Practitioner Updates, Nursing and Health Care, Nursing Education, Nursing Ethics, Nursing of people in acute care and long term care, Nursing Standards, Obstetric Nursing, Orthopedic Nursing, Palliative and geriatrics nursing, Patient Care, Patient education and counseling, Pediatric nursing, Primary Care, Psychiatric and mental health, Public Health Nursing etc.