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The Role of Literature in Curbing the Spread of COVID-19
Uche Nnyagu PhD and Udogu, Christiana Obiageli
DOI : ZENEDO | Pages : 36-41 | Feb. 18, 2022
218 downloads 516 views
Covid-19 Pandemic: Assessment of Its Impact and Insurability of Pandemic Risks in the Nigerian Insurance Business
Abere, Omotayo Johncally & Ojikutu, Abdul Rasheed Kola
DOI : zenedo | Pages : 27-35 | Feb. 18, 2022
220 downloads 557 views
The Role of Personal Mastery In Budget Politics To The Realize Social Welfare
Jamaluddin Majid
DOI : zenedo | Pages : 20-26 | Feb. 18, 2022
215 downloads 526 views
The Best and Worst Models of Faithful and Atheist Women In The Light of The Holy Qur'an
Asmaa Younıs
DOI : zenedo | Pages : 10-19 | Feb. 18, 2022
220 downloads 553 views
Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery Crisis in Bangladesh: Major Challenges and A Way Forward
Dr. Md. Abdul Alim
DOI : zenedo | Pages : 1-9 | Feb. 18, 2022
240 downloads 687 views
Facilitating Factors and Barriers of Technological Innovations in Education Field of Pakistan
Amna Jabeen
DOI : ZENEDO | Pages : 20-26 | Feb. 18, 2022
238 downloads 630 views
Analyse De L’évolution Des Réseaux Thématiques Du Théâtre Noir Africain A Travers Les Champs Lexicaux Utilisés Dans Les Pièces De 1960 A 2000
Mme Dahou Malika
DOI : zenedo | Pages : 18-19 | Feb. 18, 2022
282 downloads 580 views